Any of the images on this website are available as canvas prints, with prices based on the size of canvas required. Please contact me via the contact page on this website and I will be happy to discuss getting a canvas out to you. I also have hundreds of further photographs especially of wildlife, and will be happy to discuss a different print with you.

I have some canvases on display, so here is what a selection of the sizes look like on the wall. Hover over each image for the size.

Photo shoot

I would love to capture the moments and images that you require. Be it a family portrait shoot on your doorstep, an indoor or outdoor portrait shoot, maternity/newborn photographs or just to have someone on hand to capture the candid moments and memories at a party or gathering.

My rates for the shoot will depend on your distance from me and the length of time required. For doorstep photography and outdoor portrait shoots under lockdown, I am happy to do the shoot for free as long as you are within 20 miles of Aylesbury, and you can then select one of the following packages:


Package 1) £15 for 3 images

Package 2) £25 for 8 images [saving of £15]  

Package 3) £30 for (up to*) 15 images (*or all the images I have taken on the shoot if there are less than 15!) [saving of £45]     

Please get in touch via the contact tab on this website to discuss putting me in the wonderful position of being able to capture eternal moments for you!

Home School!

Have your children missed out on their school photographs due to covid-19? Or perhaps you would just like to remember the moments when you had to bring the classroom into your home! Why not get them into their home school uniform and have their pictures taken to ensure that 2019/20 remains firmly in the 'school photo' diary. I will also supply you with digital images and not just the prints, so you can print and mount the images in further sizes as desired. I will shoot free of charge at locations within 20 miles of Aylesbury, and will be happy to discuss further locations with you.


This shoot can be done outdoors in front of a suitable background near your home, or in your garden etc if there is direct access available to me. Please let me know if you would rather I wear a mask and/or gloves during the shoot, and do let me know if there is a great accessible backdrop you would like to use nearby so I can plan accordingly.

Home school packages:

Package 1) £20 - includes 2 7X5" prints and 3 digital images

Package 2) £30 - includes 4 7X5" prints and 6 digital images [saving of £10]

Larger 12X8" prints are available for an additional £8 per print.

Please get in touch via the contact tab on this website to discuss putting me in the wonderful position of being able to document your home schooling!

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